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Leesa vs Purple, keypoints You Must Know Before Buy

What our expert says about Leesa Mattress and Purple Mattress.

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together” – Thomas Dekker. It is the time when our bodies relax and rejuvenate for the other day. A power pack relaxation is only possible if we comfortably sleep at night. Our comfort depends solely upon the mattress we sleep upon. There are a large variety of mattresses available in the market according to one’s need and demand. Some of their varieties are :

  • Adjustable base
  • Pillow tops
  • Innerspring, etc.

Some of the well-known brands are Leesa, Purple, tuft & needle, Nectar etc. Let’s see two well-known brands i.e. Leesa and Purple.

leesa-vs-purple Reviews

Leesa, a brand becoming household favorite with the days passing due to its quality and variety. Its motto is to provide the Universal adaptive feel to the customers suiting their comfort. If anyone is interested in buying its mattress, he doesn’t need to think much about prices as there are many offers like mattress coupon code.

Purple, an age-old brand of mattresses trusted for its quality and product. It works on the principle that ‘life is too short to be uncomfortable’. It utilizes the hardcore science and revolutionary technology in the production of its products. It was the first sleeping technology since the ’70s.

Now, let’s compare these two mattresses in different respects :

  1. Construction :
  • Leesa – A 10″ mattress constructed by three layers – top 2″ layer of Avena foam providing cooling and comfort, middle 2″ layer of memory foam for support and pressure relief and bottom layer of 6″ for foundation made up of support foam.
  • Purple – It’s a 9.5″ mattress constructed by a combo of polymer and foam. Also having three layers – the top layer of 2″ hyper-elastic polymer providing comfort and cooling, the middle layer is 3.5″ of polyurethane foam for support and the bottom layer is also a polyurethane layer of 4″ giving a foundation to the mattress.

Leesa mattress vs Purple

  1. Cover :
  • Leesa – Made with a combination of polyester and lycra allowing them with standard flexibility and cooling as in a durable cover. They are the makers of most fine and uniquely designed covers.
  • Purple – It is made by blending viscose (27%), polyester (69%), and polyester-lycra (4%). It’s moderately thin hyper-elastic cover enables the mattress to breathe and also provides a good stretch to the cover.
  1. Firmness and support :
  • Leesa – There mattresses land up having a medium feel and a point of 6 out of 10. Provides a balance between body hug and contour without overly enveloping the sleeper with the foam. When we talk about support, it’s quite impressive providing a quality sleep.
  • Purple – These mattresses ended up on 6-6.5 out of 10. This mattress tends to sink the sleeper over 150 pounds of weight and float for less than 130 pounds. Average and heavier weighing sleepers tend to create a balance between, sinkage and Firmness. It’s the coolest mattress tested till date for the construction and materials used.

  1. Pricing –
  • Leesa -Cash as well as mattress coupons online. It has a reasonable pricing such as:
  • Twin XL – $625
  • King – $1070
  • Queen – $940
  • California king – $10107
  • Purple – The pricing of its variations are :
  • Twin XL – $699
  • King – $1299
  • Queen – $999
  • California king – $1299
  1. Shipping and warranty –
  • Leesa – It has it’s all services online only to provide hassle-free shipping. The mattress comes compressed in a box, easy to open. Free shipping anywhere within the US including Hawaii & Alaska within 5 days. A warranty of 10 years for any damage.
  • Purple – It has very convenient services with free shipping compressed in a purple tub easy to open. It also provides a warranty of 10 years.
  1. Trial period and discount –
  • Both give a trial period of 100 nights to their customers.
  • Leesa – provides the discount by its mattress discount coupon and also distributes 1 mattress in 100 sells to the needy ones.

From the above comparison, we can conclude that though purple is an age-old company still Leesa is more preferable in terms of being pocket-friendly and discounts to its customers for shopping online. On the other hand, Purple brings its sale in some part of the year and gives more firmness than Leesa.

Here is the best comparison between Leesa vs Casper.

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