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Leesa is one of the reputed brands to provide a complete range of mattresses to meet the comfort requirements of the customers. It is a big name to provide all foam mattresses for a comfortable sleep for every customer. Since the establishment in 2014, they made a trust among the customers because of the perfect combination of quality and price in mattress products. The company is known to offer different kinds of mattress products as well as a complete range of other products including blankets, pillows, and foundations for your home. They have a good hold at the online market to offer excellent price deals on mattress products.

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Leesa Mattress Coupon Code

Let’s take a look at the detailed review and amazing features of Leesa mattress below:

Construction and design of Leesa mattress:


Leesa mattresses are the result of innovative designing to offer the excellent comfort features with its 10-inch layers.

Layer 1: Comfort Layer

In layer 1, they used Cooling Avena Foam technology that is very effective for better air flow. The top layer of the mattress is 2 inches thick and it is very effective to provide excellent cooling future and comfortable bounds for free movement of every customer during sleep. This layer is available with 3.65 PCF density and IFD: 20.

Layer 2: Memory foam layer

In the mattress, the middle layer is 2 inches thick and it is available with pressure relieving memory foam. This layer is available to provide excellent support and proper shape during your sleep. The sleeper will get in contact with this memory foam layer after the impact on the first layer of the mattress. To provide a great sleep and proper comfort to sleeper, this layer is available as an excellent feature. In the middle layer of the mattress, you will find the density of 3 PCF.

Layer 3: Baselayer

To provide the excellent durability and high strength to the mattress, there is a 6-inch thick base form layer. Because of this thick bottom layer, the sleeper will get excellent support and it is made with superior quality material to handle heavyweight with durability. With the density of 18 PCF, this layer is excellent to provide dense core support.


Leesa mattress is available with a cover made of polyester blend and it provides very soft and with of a cozy feel to the sleeper. It is quite thick as compared to other available covers in the market so it is very durable of fabric to provide excellent strength and reliability to the mattress.

This mattress cover is made with breathable fabric so it will improve the airflow in the mattress to make it cooler for the sleeper. It improves the regulation of temperature in materials. Such excellent quality of cover makes Leesa mattress perfect from every angle to offer the durability and comfort to every sleeper. If you want to search for the complete range of Leesa mattress for sale, you will find it at the online store easily at a discounted price by using the discount coupons.

Firmness and support:

In any mattress, the sleepers may feel firmness and support a little bit of different due to the different body size and weight distribution. Leesa mattress performed excellently in various tests of firmness for the sleepers. Due to the use of Avena foam layer on the top, it is available with the very quick response and you will also feel and bounce in this mattress. As you will push the layers, you will feel the year coming from the holes of comfort level. It shows that the cover of Leesa mattress is available with excellent feature of breathability.

According to the firmness test of the layer, the experts found it excellent. On the scale of firmness, it got the rating of 7 out of 10. It is available as an excellent option with medium firmness for the sleepers. It will provide the excellent results to the sleeper due to it.

Due to the quick response and high Bounce rate, you will feel comfortable lying on this mattress instead of sinking into it. You will feel it very comfortable during the changing and adjust the positions at night.

It will be excellent due to the high quality of top layer to offer the excellent feature with complete comfort to the sleeper. The middle and bottom layout will provide excellent support to keep you in a comfortable position during sleep.

To feel such excellent comfort and support during your sleep on a mattress, you can get it at the best price by using Leesa mattress discount coupon coupon 2018 available here. It will be an excellent choice to meet the comfortable sleep requirements on your bed.

leesa mattress layers

Sinkage test:

While going to get a new mattress for your home, you always want to know about the results of sinkage test before making the choice. Leesa mattress is also tested by considering various points and body positions to know about the Sinkage for the sleeper. According to these tests, the experts found the results given below:

  • 6-pound weight: 1 inch of sinkage
  • 10-pound weight: 2 inches of sinkage
  • 50-pound weight: 4.5 inches of sinkage
  • 100-pound weight: 6.5 inches of sinkage

Edge support:

When you want to share your mattress with your partner, you always want to find excellent at support even on the corners of the mattress. In some of the designs of foam mattresses, poor edge support is always a big problem for the slippers. However, you will not face such kind of issue with place a mattress because of its secure and protected support on the edges for sleepers. You will feel a little bit of compression on the comfort layer that is very common in any matters. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about rolling out of your bed while sleeping due to such excellent edge support. You will feel a little bit of compassion when you will concentrate your weight on one area during a sitting position on the edge of the mattress.

Price of Leesa mattress:

The full size of Leesa mattresses available at a price of $855 and you can find the queen size mattress at a price of $995. The most affordable model is twin size and twin XL size that you can get at the price of $525 and $695 respectively. To find the extreme comfort like again, you can prefer king size and Cal king size at the price of $1195 as the best option.

Additional features for the customers:

Now, use Leesa mattress coupon code to get extra discount on this excellent mattress product. After that, you will find the best additional features and advantages as given below with it:

Risk-free trial:

This mattress is available with 100 Night risk-free trial so you can purchase it with confidence and can get the true value of your money.

Excellent shipping services:

If you choose to buy Leesa mattress, you will find the option of free shipping and easy returns with the brand value and trust of the company. The manufacturer is providing the option to buy this excellent product online where you will get stress free shipping to your address with it.

Made in USA quality:

You never need to think twice to buy this mattress for your beautiful night because of its excellent quality. It is manufactured in the USA and it is certified for the excellent quality for every customer.


Leesa mattress is available with a warranty of 10 years so you don’t need to worry about the reliability and durability of this high-quality mattress product.

Reasons to buy Leesa mattress:

Everyone has different choice and requirements while going to get a new mattress for a comfortable sleep at night time. Here are some of the best reasons to go for Leesa mattress as a good choice:

Leesa Mattress Coupon 2018

Excellent build quality with traditional foam mattress design:

If you want to go for a perfect mattress design having traditional memory form in it, you can choose Leesa mattress as a perfect choice because of its high build quality and excellent features. You will definitely get very comfortable and traditional feel of high-quality memory foam in the mattress.

Firmness and bounce:

This mattress is available with a rating of 7 out of 10 so it will be excellent to provide very quick response and perfect Bounce for the sleeper. If you searching for a mattress having a quick response time and premium feel for extra comfort, you can go for this mattress as a good option.

Excellent support:

In Leesa mattress, you will also smile excellent feature of support in different kinds of sleeping positions. It will make the adjustments according to the position of the sleeper due to its middle and bottom layer.

Temperature control:

If you want to go for a mattress having the features of firmness and coziness, you will find the excellent result with this mattress. It is available to provide extra temperature control features for comfortable cooling for the sleeper.

Various size options:

Everyone has different needs and the company understands and requirements of the customers. The mattress is available with different size options and different price so you can pick according to your comfort level and budget.

Genuine price offers:

You don’t need to go out of your budget when you want to find excellent comfort features with Leesa mattress. It is available at a genuine price so you will get true value for money product in your budget.

Free shipping and easy return services:

Leesa is known as a well-established brand to provide these mattress products online for the customers. Therefore, you can make an order easily and can get the option of free shipping to your address. It will be very comfortable and convenient option because of free shipping and easy return for a mattress for the customers. Therefore, you should prefer this mattress online for easy and affordable shopping.

Best buy for couples:

Due to the quick response rate, excellent edge support and temperature control features, this mattress is a good choice for couples who want to share the bed. It will make your sleep better and more comfortable because of its excellent quality.

Because of these features, you can also use mattress discount coupon and can get with at the best price now.

Leesa mattress review:

Leesa mattress can be an excellent choice because of its amazing features, great comfort at an affordable price for the customers. This mattress is a good choice for people who are searching for traditional memory foam mattress having excellent design and high durability. The sleepers will find cool and very comfortable sleeping experience on this high-quality mattress. To provide the perfect support and comfort to sleeper, it is available with three-layer design and each of the layers is made with the superior quality material.

With this mattress, the company is providing 100 days free trial and 10 years warranty so it will be true value for money mattress product because of such a reliability and trustworthiness provided by the company.

It will be a far better option as compared to the cheap mattress products available in the market. The sleepers can get various kinds of health-related problems due to the cheap quality of the mattress. Therefore, you should invest in a good quality mattress like this by paying few bucks extra. To save extra on this mattress, you can find the discount coupons really. It is available at the online website where you will get mattress for sale at a great discounted price.

As a customer, you will find high rating and positive reviews of other customers for the mattress products of Leesa. Because of such trustworthiness and reliability for the company, you don’t have to think twice before making an investment in this high-quality mattress for your product.

Hurry up to grab the additional discount offers at the official website of Leesa mattress and use extra discount coupon available here to make your sleep better.