Great Comparison Leesa vs Casper Reviews

Things you should know about Leesa & Casper.

A sound body is the result of a sound sleep. Sleep, the repair state of our body. A good sleep is always complimented by a comfortable mattress. Mattresses, seemingly play a vital role in one’s physical health and mind. They are a primary framework of a bed having large, rectangular padded layer for supporting a resting body. Quality of mattress decides the physique or posture and is also the sole reason for a lot of postural deformities. Now-a-days, majority of people are investing a lot of money on the mattress only by judging its look and softness, ignoring their physical health. There are a lot of brands of mattress available in the market, such as :

  • Leesa
  • Casper
  • Tuff & Needle
  • Purple, etc.

Leesa, a well-known name in the world of mattresses featuring one of the finest quality. The brand believes in serving the universal comfort to their customers according to their comfort. Interested people can buy it through  Leesa mattress coupon available online for discount.

Leesa vs Casper Reviews

Casper, another name of a newly emerging brand of mattresses. It is designed to give ergonomic and luxurious feel to the customers. It utilises the best kind of foam and polymers for its built-in. Its best alignment gives a perfect support and posture to the body.

Today, let’s compare a two most well-known brands of mattresses i. e. Leesa and Casper. This comparison will help to know their features more precisely :

  1. Construction :
  • Leesa – A mattress of 10″ built by – top layer of 2″ Avena foam providing cooling and proper bounce , middle layer of 2″ of memory foam giving support and relieving pressure and bottom layer 6″ for basal support made from support foam.
  • Casper – These mattresses have a built up of open-cell foam on top and two layers of memory foam as it’s middle layer, a third layer of three zones of foam layer giving a good support and softer on the shoulders and a bottom layer of high density foam made for supporting other top layers of it.
  1. Cover :
  • Leesa – Built with a blend of polyester and lycra in accordance with them required flexibility and cooling as in a good cover. They producer one of the most finest and unique designed mattress covers.
  • Casper– They produce an advanced type of cover i. e. Waterproof type of cover with advanced engineered technology. They also provide a duvet cover for the mattresses. Perfectly engineered according to our comfort and support.

Leesa and casper mattress similarity

  1. Firmness and support :
  • Leesa – There mattresses give a comfortable feel and rate of 6 out of 10 . It is a perfect balance between body hug and contour without sinking the sleeper with the foam.
  • Casper – On the scale of comfort, it is rated 7 out of 10 providing more firmness to the sleeper. Its zoned layer of foam on the third layer makes it the best choice for side sleepers.
  1. Sleeping experience :
  • Leesa – It has an excellent body cooling by the Avena layer and the middle layer provides more comfort and support to the sleeper. It has a better body contouring due to the less amount of memory foam present in it.
  • Casper – These mattresses have more firmness when compared to Leesa due to this the sinkage is less making it perfect for back sleepers. Also heavier sleepers are more comfortable. Due to its open-cell latex, it is more helpful for temperature control.
  1. Shipping and warranty services
  • Leesa– All online services are given only for hassle free shipping. The mattress are compressed and shipped in a box, easy for the customer to open. A warranty of 10 years for any damage.
  • Casper – It offers a hassle free and easy no cost return. Shipping is done within 5 days.

Leesa-mattress buying guide

  1. Trial period and discount

Both gives a trial period of 100 nights to their customers.

  • Leesa -The discount coupon of Leesa mattress coupon and also gives 1 mattress in 100 sold mattresses to the poor people.
  • Casper– It has only its online sale in some part of the year.

Now, by the above comparisons we get to know that Casper provides better firmness and alignment than Leesa but when it comes to discounts such as Leesa is more preferred than Casper.

You can check our mattress experts comparison on Leesa vs Purple before buying anyone.

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