Motor strip in the brain

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Each cerebral hemisphere is divided into four lobes; the frontal , parietal , temporal , and the occipital. The Frontal Lobe is the most anterior lobe of the brain. Its posterior boundary is the fissure of Rolando, or central sulcus , which separates it from the parietal lobe. Inferiorly, it is divided from the temporal lobe by the fissure of Sylvius which is also called the lateral fissure. This lobe deals with with higher level cognitive functions like reasoning and judgment. Sometimes called executive function, it is associated with the pre-frontal cortex.
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Overview of the functions of the cerebral cortex

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Overview of the functions of the cerebral cortex (video) | Khan Academy

The primary motor cortex Brodmann area 4 is a brain region that in humans is located in the dorsal portion of the frontal lobe. It is the primary region of the motor system and works in association with other motor areas including premotor cortex , the supplementary motor area , posterior parietal cortex , and several subcortical brain regions, to plan and execute movements. Primary motor cortex is defined anatomically as the region of cortex that contains large neurons known as Betz cells. Betz cells, along with other cortical neurons, send long axons down the spinal cord to synapse onto the interneuron circuitry of the spinal cord and also directly onto the alpha motor neurons in the spinal cord which connect to the muscles. At the primary motor cortex, motor representation is orderly arranged in an inverted fashion from the toe at the top of the cerebral hemisphere to mouth at the bottom along a fold in the cortex called the central sulcus. However, some body parts may be controlled by partially overlapping regions of cortex.
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Primary motor cortex

Normal angiograph showing the template superimposed. The following abbreviations are used for labeling in this and subsequent illustrations:. Middle and posterior cerebral vessels dissected free. The central sulcus artery is identified by the tag. Drawing of the middle cerebral artery.
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The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, and one of its most mysterious. Its internal structures are hidden from view, and the best evidence most of us have that it is functioning properly is the collection of abilities we so often take for granted. We wake, we walk and run, our hearts beat, we taste, we breathe, and we think, all as a result of the highly coordinated electrical and chemical activity within and between the cells that make up our brains.
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